Aatman Overview

Home is where the soul is..

A home is our little, cosy space in this big world. Much rather, it is the world to us! We decorate it with little things we love, a family we adore, and lots of memories. But convenience and comfort make our home a place we crave to come back to, and belong to.

Avior believes in this philosophy and brings you homes wrapped in the embrace of conveniences at Avior Aatman, 7 Loves Chowk. An address which quite proudly is..

The soul of the city!


Homes that value your solitude

In today's clutter, it is so challenging for us to find some peaceful 'me-time' for ourselves. Thus, the need for a home and surroundings that give us some meaningful space for leisure and rejuvenation is so important. Avior Aatman, has been designed to give you this. Meaningful terrace amenities provide just the right space for your relaxation here.

Project Higlights

Comforts that add value to every day

1. Excellent Ambient Light

Avior Aatman has been planned to give you great natural light that filters in through the windows of every home.

2. Strategic Wall Niches

Be it your wardrobe or the kitchen we have planned niches that save space.

3. BreezyIndoors with Cross-Ventilation

Ventilation is the most important aspect of a happy home and our homes offer maximum ventilation.

4. Designed According to Vastu

Our homes are planned and structured keeping the Vastu Shashtra in mind, with east-west entrance.

5. Minimum Internal Walls

Spaces designed by us are crafted for maximum utility with seamless construction and minimum wall seperations.

6. Planned Keeping Every Family Member In Mind

Rooms designed by us maximise space and help you minimise clutter so that there is enough space for every family member.

Location Map

Connectivity that adds to your joy.

  • - Temple - 0.1 km
  • - Sthanak - 0.1 km
  • - Shashinath Bhagwan
  • - Jain Mandir - 0.3 km
  • - Kumar Pacific Mall - 0.8 km
  • - Timber Market - 0.5 km
  • - Kering Hospital - 1 km
  • - Sahyadri Hospital - 0.3 km
  • - City Pride Satara Road - 2 km
  • - Market Yard - 1.5 km
  • - Swargate - 0.8 km
  • - Muktangan School - 4.8 km
  • - M. G. Road, Camp – 2 km
  • - Pune Station - 4 km
  • - TMV - 2.5 km
  • - St. Anne’s & Vincent’s
  • - School - 3 km